22.2.2018 - Probíhá los jednotlivých skupin

27.2.2018 - program úterý

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Fees and penalties

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Fees and penalties:

  • Notification to the replacement of the term match two days before the game =  Only one possible match suspension and a fine of CZK 200.
  • Doesn´t  participate to the match, telephone excuse League Director one day before the match = Forfeit the match and a fine of CZK 200.
  • Doesn´t participate to the match (without apology) = Forfeit the match and a fine of CZK 400 + minus 2 points.
  • Repeated doesn´t  participate to the game = Exclusion from the league and forfeiture of entry fee including advances
  • Loss of ball =  fine: 700 CZK
  • Inclusion a player who isn´t on the official roster of the team: Forfeits and punishment at the discretion of the organizers Jarov League
  • Red card: A fine of CZK 100 for the team and stop the match for the player